Sample Round Trip Rates from Springdale, AR

Destination Chieftain Saratoga
Dallas, TX $2688 NA
Omaha, NE $3552 NA
Denver, CO $6048 NA
St. Louis, MO $2496 NA

Piper Chieftain (Twin-Engine) $4.80 per mile round trip distance.
Piper Saratoga (Single-Eng.) Currently unavailable.
Cessna 210 (Single-Eng.) Currently unavailable.


Flight Time:
The Piper Chieftain rate is $4.80 per statute mile flown. In other words, the rate has to be multiplied times the total mileage(round trip miles). For example a trip from Springdale, AR to St. Louis, MO is calculated like this:

Springdale to St. Louis = 260 mi.
St. Louis to Springdale = 260 mi.
Total 520 mi. x $4.80 = $2496.00

Please note that the total charges will also include some other charges such as:

Ground time charges - $40 per hour (8 hrs. max. per day)
Overnight stay - $200 plus pilot hotel expenses
Landing fees or ramp fees – These fees are seldom charged, however, if incurred, these fees will need to be added to the invoice.

Visa & Master Card accepted. Contract rates and corporate billing is available with approved credit application.


When a charter is scheduled, it may be cancelled within 24 hrs of booking at no charge. After that:

  • If a charter is cancelled a service charge of $50.00 will be accessed.
  • If a charter scheduled to depart within the next 24 hours is cancelled, a service charge of $500.00 will be accessed in order to cover expenses & lost revenue as a result of the late cancellation.

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